Everything you essentially need is already here!

For project, program, and team collaboration.

Read Open Research guidelines and general documentation guidelines. Also read Foundation's open source policy.

Google Workspace (your Foundation member email member@ muellners.org acts as your Identity provider across all the cloud applications.)

Sign into Google Workspace to login your email and other Google services.

Sign into Atlassian Cloud to access project, issues and team collaborations.

Microsoft Office 365: Members can also access office 365 apps.

For project and program documentation, and General Public discussions.

Read Open Constitution guidelines. Also read Foundation's open source policy.

For Public facing records on accountin
g, community rules, governance, we use Gitbook.
For project and program documentation, open research documentation, we use Confluence.

Discourse powers Foundation's General Public Discussions and Public Reviews

For source code repositories.

Read Open source contribution and general documentation community guidelines. Also read Foundation's open source policy, and Acceptable Usage Policy.

These collaboration spaces are available for hosting public code repositories, and tracking Internet application deployments.

Member communications and Open Governance forums.

Read Articles of Association of natural persons & legal bodies, Community Code of Conduct, and Open Governance. Also, read Foundation's Data Processing Regime.

Visiting these links on a mobile browser, Slack and Discord mobile app may be prompted to be downloaded.

Other recommended mobile apps.

In addition to Slack and Discord app, following mobile apps are also recommended for download to manage the tools and resources.

For intra-community support and product support.

If you have questions, visit community help center, and read FAQs.

If you still have questions, please raise a ticket detailing your query in order to seek community help.

How to access these services?

To log on to these resources (Open Access), make sure you have your Trust Keys activated on the Open Constitution network.

In case if you do not have the code, please register your consent to the Open Constitution.